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We are facing a spectacular turning point in the tourism sector. Indeed, we have been talking about sustainable tourism for a few decades but today it is more than topical. Sustainable tourism is essential to preserve our ecosystems and fight against global warming. 

As a consultant in animal ecotourism, I wish to accompany you towards this tourism and also to fight against the animal mistreatment still very present in our sector.

When we and our clients travel, the environment and wildlife are directly and indirectly impacted. This is why the notion of biodiversity is at the heart of my strategies and it has an essential role in the fight against global warming. A preserved biodiversity is a step towards the reconstruction of our planet. 

Just like the hummingbird, we must do our part. (Native American legend told by Pierre Rabhi)

Area of expertise

Biodiversity & Animal Welfare


I offer training to learn more about animal welfare and how biodiversity works. Indeed, each decision, activity, product and/or offer has a direct and indirect impact on wildlife and its natural environment. These notions are essential to know in order to make sustainable tourism and also to fight against global warming in an efficient way. 

It is important that all the stakeholders of the company follow these workshops in order to create a coherence and thus be more efficient. 

The trainings are separate from the coaching and the subscription. If you already have a coaching and/or a subscription, a discount is applied.

Ecotourism Offers & Products


I propose to create ecotourism offers or review your offers and products according to your needs and market expectations. You will benefit from concrete solutions and recommendations. You will even get new partnership contracts. Together we can create new offers that correspond to sustainable tourism and set up awareness and conservation activities. 

This accompaniment can be done remotely or directly in the country in order to meet all stakeholders (suppliers, activity providers…) and thus establish the best solution for all.



I propose you to review your communication in whole or in part. The communication is indeed a very important element in the acquisition of new customers and loyalty and also allows to engage its partners towards a sustainable tourism.

The development of your website is important because it is the showcase of your company. Professionals and travelers will be more inclined to choose you. Use social networks to involve your community and engage them.

What I propose

I propose you to control your budget according to your needs. 

You are convinced that the preservation of biodiversity and wildlife are fundamental pillars of CSR and that these aspects are essential in the development or sustainability of your business but you lack the time or skills in-house to work serenely in the long term?

Following the health crisis, you cannot necessarily hire a dedicated employee – too much work to devote yourself fully to it, specific knowledge, limited budget – outsourcing allows you to free up time, control your budget and acquire a better visibility to develop your business.

I have designed my offer according to your needs. For you, I have imagined 3 offers that can be adapted to all the moments of your company’s life, from its creation to its development.

I accompany you on a daily basis in the success of your missions, whether they are one-off or recurring.

Time credits

You do not wish to benefit from a subscription but you feel the need to obtain answers at certain times? Choose a volume of prepaid hours ranging from 3 hours to 20 hours of interventions (advice and services) that you can use as you wish over a given period. Once the credits are used up, you can buy more, change the formula or stop.

Advantages: You have the answer to your questions in a short time. This allows you to refocus by benefiting from a complete insight into a problem and will save you precious time!

Duration: valid for 1 year

Services per missions

You detect a problem, you have an important issue approaching, you want to develop your business, launch a new offer, I am here to accompany you.

Advantages: Ideal for one-off missions. I am your only interlocutor on this mission which allows to facilitate the exchanges. In order to get to know each other better as individuals but also to get to know your identity as a company, I plan exchanges before the launch of the mission. I act at your side and accompany you to set up the best possible strategy.

Upstream, you will benefit from a complete audit and an awareness of the biodiversity and environmental issues following the mission. It is important and imperative to know the issues to create a positive impact.

Duration: the time of the mission previously established


You want to develop or review your offers/products and need a long-term support? Then the subscription is for you.

To be as close as possible to your needs, I have created 2 types of subscriptions with no time limit within reason: 

  • Basic: Ideal for the need of a support 1 to 2 times per week.
  • Premium: Ideal for the need of a more frequent accompaniment.

You are in total control, I am here to accompany you, to help you in your reflections, to make you benefit from my expertise, from the best practices, to provide you with reliable tools to help you make decisions.

Duration: Between 3 months and 1 year. Non automatic renewal.


You only want to receive training in a specific area:

  • Using tourism as a conservation tool – Level 1 accreditation
  • Selling wildlife tours – Level 2 accreditation
  • Take action to optimize your ecological impact – Level 3 accreditation

The trainings allow you to get the basics of biodiversity and tourism issues and also to make you proactive. 

Take advantage of a 15% discount on training courses when you purchase a subscription or a mission service! 


  • What are time credits for?

    Benefit from my expertise on an ad hoc basis when you have questions and need quick answers and advice. The questions you might have are multiple: you have a doubt about a product or a provider concerning ethics or its impact on wildlife and/or the environment. You need explanations concerning a drift and the alternative that may exist to this drift. You are developing a product and you want to know if you are on the right track, etc…

  • What are the differences between a mission and a subscription?

    The subscription is made for punctual and recurrent interventions during several months whereas the mission takes place over a well defined period.

  • What is the process of accompaniment during a mission?

    We will make a video call to discuss your needs, difficulties and objectives. Following this meeting, I will send you a free commercial proposal taking into account our exchanges with a defined price and a retroplanning. And this without any commitment. You validate my proposal, I carry out the mission with a complete reporting on the progress of the project until the end of the mission. The mission is finalized, you will receive from me a complete report and a satisfaction survey to know your level of satisfaction with my expertise and my way of working. The contract for the mission is finalized at the agreed price and time.

  • What is the support process for a subscription?

    We will make a video call to discuss your needs, difficulties and objectives. Following this meeting, I will establish a free commercial proposal taking into account our exchanges with a defined price. You validate my proposal and I plan with you the dates of intervention and their recurrence. The choices are defined and validated together. When the subscription ends, you can renew or stop it.

  • Why is training important?

    It is important to train in order to develop an expertise, to understand the basics and the stakes in order to adapt and innovate. This will allow you to stand out in order to attract new customers and retain the one you have. Training allows you to make your customers and service providers aware of your expertise.


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