My commitments

Protecting wildlife and its environment

My missions

To fight against the abuses of tourism on wildlife

To accompany the actors of tourism towards a sustainable approach and taking into account the animal welfare

Raise awareness among travelers and the general public about the preservation of biodiversity

Get involved in an association and support local associations that preserve wildlife and its environment

To highlight the actors of tourism committed to the protection of wildlife and its environment

Creation of an association for the preservation and conservation of wildlife and its environment

PACT for Wildlife

In order to preserve the planet, it is important to get involved and to support conservation projects, be it for species or for natural environments. 

This is why I am joining the adventure in the creation of this association. The French tourism sector being late, this association will allow tourism actors to commit themselves in a concrete way and thus make tourism a lever for preservation. 

On the program:

Implementation of conservation projects

These projects will contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the restoration of ecosystems essential to the proper functioning of the planet.

Create a community of committed tourism actors

Tourism stakeholders will be able to benefit from advice on biodiversity conservation and take action by supporting conservation projects.

Raising awareness among travelers

Through workshops, travelers and the general public will be made aware of the animal condition in tourism, the preservation of biodiversity and how to travel eco-responsibly.


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